Capital Improvement Projects

2024 - 2028

Five Year Capital Improvement Program

Five Year Capital Improvement Program

The City of Stuart’s Fiscal Year 2024-2028 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a projection of the City’s planned capital projects from Fiscal 2024 through Fiscal Year 2028. The purpose of the CIP is to document planned projects to help integrate the major projects into a fiscal projection while aligning planning with other local agency planning efforts.

The CIP is prepared in accordance with the guidelines established by the Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA). Capital projects exceed $50,000 in cost, have long-term life spans and are generally nonrecurring. The City plans, manages and carries out capital improvements to comply with our Comprehensive Plan. The Commission approves an updated five-year capital improvement program each year along with the annual budget.

The City conducts an annual planning process for its Capital Improvement Program. The purpose of the planning process is to ensure the capital projects included in the CIP:

• Meet the Commission’s priorities and contribute to the objectives of the City’s various programs

• Have identified funding for the duration of the projects

Each project is assigned a priority based on funding availability, community needs, and regulatory concerns. Priority A projects are included in 2024 budget with a specified funding source. Priority B projects are of importance and considered for future years. Priority C projects are projects seeking a funding opportunity.

The CIP includes Small Capital Improvement Projects which are classified in Priority D. These projects have a total cost under $50,000. Small Capital Improvements generally meet the following criteria:

• Project cost is less than $50,000

• Project can be completed within 2 fiscal years

The annual CIP planning process starts with collecting information on proposed new capital projects in January, followed by preliminary scoping, priority and financial analyses to produce a Draft CIP. The Draft CIP serves as a multi-year plan, together with other long- term planning efforts of the City, and is the basis for the budget for the following fiscal year. The first year of the CIP is reconciled with the budget and the two documents are presented to the Commission for formal adoption by September.