Fleet Services Fund


The Fleet Department is responsible for the purchase, repair, and preventative maintenance of all city vehicles and equipment that are a part of the fleet replacement program. Internal Service Funds are used to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner like private business enterprises except that they internally serve only other organizations within the City. This fund was established in 1996 and this type of accounting for fleet services is considered “best-practice” by the Government Finance Officers Association. The 2024 estimated ending fund balance is $6.6m

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Capital Outlay - Vehicles

Capital Outlay

In addition to the vehicle capital outlay listed above, there is $50,000 in this proposed budget to add electrical service to the fleet storage area. There is also $25,500 for other capital equipment for a tire machine & balancer, gantry, hoist & trolley.

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The Numbers Over Time - Revenues