Fire EMS Tax Fund


The Fire EMS Tax fund is a special revenue fund that is used to account for the proceeds of specific revenue sources that are legally restricted to expenditure for specified purposes. Steamboat Springs' voters passed ballot measure 2A in November of 2019. Starting in 2020, a 2-mill property tax on properties in the city limits to fund fire and emergency services operations and capital.

The transfer expense from this fund to the general fund is to fund the four firefighters and operating costs funded in the 2022 and new request for the 2023 budget. The 2023 budget request is for the hiring of five additional full-time FF/EMT's and the upgrade of three current FF/EMT positions to the rank of Fire Lieutenant. This request is based off of the 2022 City of Steamboat Springs Fire Department Strategic Plan that was developed in partnership with fire department personnel, the Steamboat Springs Area Fire Protection District board, the City of Steamboat Springs City Manager, and the Steamboat Springs City Council. The hiring of the five new personnel is part of the long-term vision of fully staffing a structural fire engine and an ambulance in both the mountain area response district as well as the downtown area response district. These five personnel will bring the department one step closer to this goal by providing ten (10) firefighters on each shift, with full staffing levels requiring twelve firefighters on each shift. Following the strategic plan would accomplish full staffing levels by 2025-2026. The 2023 estimated ending fund balance is $1.7m.

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