Deputy City Manager

Intergovernmental Services and Grants Division


The Grants / Intergovernmental Services Division (IGS) is composed of professional staff working to support the vision, goals, and objectives of the City of Steamboat Springs. The IGS Division provides the following services to the city and the community:

  • Project development and securing financial resources (grants and donations) for city projects and operations and regional projects and coalitions
  • Project management of city and regional projects, including the Community Survey, Sustainability (STAR Communities), the 2A Trails Initiative, and City 101
  • Implement the public art policy
  • Liaison services and partnership development between the city and other agencies, including the state legislature, state and federal agencies, and public and private sectors in the community
  • Staff support of regional coalitions and groups, including the Yampa River System Legacy Partnership, the Northwest Transportation Planning Region, and the Yampa Valley Economic Development Council (YVEDC)

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