Strategic Plan


The adopted 2023 City Council Goals and Priorities were a key input into the 2023 Strategic Plan adopted earlier this year. Within that guiding document, each Outcome has a series of strategic objectives, or goals of the city, which influences the City’s budgeting process and guides the implementation of the City’s full range of services.

2024 Budget requests are evaluated on how the work associated with the request will help move the city toward achieving its strategic objectives.

Strategic Plan

Community Livability & Economic Health

  • Deputy City Manager - IGS - Grant seeking in support of council priorities, city operations, and capital projects.
  • Public Works – Hangar Development - In an effort to move closer to financial self-sufficiency, the airport will be preparing a site for future development of hangars and issuing an RFP for a private developer to construct those hangars. This work should result in the airport being at or very near financial self-sufficiency in years where major capital projects are not executed.
  • Planning - Long-range planning, including Steamboat Springs Area Community Plan rewrite and Downtown Plan and Mountain Area Master Plan Implementation
  • Planning - Housing Opportunities Strategic Plan Implementation
  • Finance - Provide support, information and guidance to City Council to ensure fiscal sustainability for the city through service level expectations and alternative and diversification of revenue options.
  • Continue to support City Council efforts to annex Brown Ranch

Culture & Recreational Opportunities

  • Planning – Historic Preservation Program improvement, including Preservation Plan, updated Design Guidelines, technical assistance, and community outreach.
  • Parks and Recreation (P&R) – Improve equitable access to the underserved West Steamboat neighborhood by completing phase 2 of Bear River Park. Phase 2 includes the infrastructure (utilities, site work, boat ramp, secondary access, core trail extension loop, and restrooms) required to begin installing the community serving amenities of phase 3 (playground, multi-use field, pavilion, basketball courts, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic/BBQ areas, community space) and 4 (plantings, expanded skate park, expanded bike park).
  • P&R – Focus on maintaining existing recreation assets to ensure consistent levels of service, while also creating a plan to provide equitable access to cultural and recreational facilities across the system over time.

Environmental Health

  • Deputy City Manager – IGS - Implementation of the Climate Action Plan through EV Readiness, Commercial Recycling, and the Recycling Ambassador Program, as well as support for the Routt County Climate Action Plan Collaborative.
  • Public Works – Wellfield Expansion - The final phase of a multi-year effort to expand our wellfield on the banks of the Yampa River is slated for completion in 2024. This project aids greatly in the redundancy and resiliency of our drinking water supply system.
  • P&R – Implementing the Water Conservation Plan by installing the first phase of a smart irrigation central control system to save water and improve water use. This effort will be led by a new position, the Water Conservation and Irrigation Coordinator.
  • P&R – Identified the priority parcels for acquisition based on conservation values and community resiliency and included grant match funds in the CIP.
  • Public Works – Reduce Northern Pike habitat to protect native fish populations and improve floodplain connectivity and resiliency with the Yampa River/Walton Creek Confluence Restoration Design project.

High Performing Government

  • Human Resources – Talent Management, including training and development of our employees, workforce planning, inclusivity, and strategic initiatives to recruit and retain employees is key to the success of a high performing government, a notable outcome in our strategic plan. As such, Human Resources has requested a new position that will assist in establishing programs focused on talent management and DEI initiatives.
  • Deputy City Manager – IGS - Continue to engage and receive feedback from the community with the 2024 Community Survey.
  • Finance – Map, evaluate, and create efficient automated internal processes through appropriate software to ensure timely and accurate data.
  • Deputy City Manager – Communications - Comply with State of Colorado accessibility requirements for website and partner on other digital element guidelines across the organization.
  • Deputy City Manager – IT - Evaluate and research options for a comprehensive document management system.
  • City Attorney – Review and reform procurement procedures to incentivize the use of City form contracts and earlier review of vendor contracts.
  • City Attorney – Re-organize attorney responsibilities in connection with new hire to provide more capacity for internal support.

Safe Community

  • Fire Department – Reduce the wildfire risk utilizing Hazard Ignition Zone Assessments and fuel reduction efforts through public and private partnerships, with an annual target of 40 homes.
  • Fire Department – Utilizing key performance indicators determine a 90th percentile response time target for Fire and Emergency Medical Services arriving with appropriate personnel for specific call types.
  • Fire Department – Further develop current program to provide Building Safety Education Program (BSEP) inspections targeting 150 commercial businesses each year.
  • Police Department – Create and train a Special Assignment Unit dedicated to enhanced street level enforcement of traffic code with and emphasis in drug interdiction and data collection. This will be a statistically driven unit that will utilize the data it collects to tailor enforcement details and to train patrol officers. The SAU will also be responsible for enhanced security at large events.
  • Police Department – SSPD will continue to develop the Community Engagement Specialist role to target enhanced two-way dialogue with vulnerable populations within the City of Steamboat Springs, to include those struggling with mental illness and the unhoused.
  • Police Department – SSPD will develop more efficient data collection/analysis through training existing staff in software capabilities and will seek out records personnel with analyst experience.
  • Police Department – Partner with Routt County Sheriff’s Office in the development of a dedicated Crisis Response Team consisting of sworn personnel partnered with co-responders.

Transportation & Mobility

  • Public Works – Regional Transportation Authority - An RTA feasibility study is slated for completion by the end of 2023. 2024's efforts will see us engage the public to see if there is interest in forming an RTA, and there may even be a question to that effect on the November 2024 ballot.
  • Public Works – Pine Grove Road Reconstruction - One of the major construction projects in town next year will be the reconstruction of Pine Grove Road between Highway 40 and Mt. Werner Road. The work will take two construction seasons to complete and will commence in 2024.