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Steamboat Springs Airport (KSBS)/Bob Adams Field is a General Aviation (GA) Airport with over 10,000 operations per year. These operations include flights by private and recreational, as well as corporate and business, based and transient airplanes and helicopters. The Airport also provides an important base for regional wildland firefighting efforts as well as medical airlift services.

Enterprise Funds are used to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner like private business enterprises, in that the costs of providing goods or services to the general public are financed through user charges. The airport fund is our only enterprise fund that requires a transfer from the general fund on an annual basis to maintain a positive fund balance. The Airport continues to see increased operations beyond those forecasted in the Master Plan but has provided a sustaining budget with increases in a few operational categories dealing primarily with repairs, maintenance, and services where pricing continues to increase globally. Revenues and fees have been adjusted to reflect an overall flat budget year but indicate where increased revenue can be realized based upon 2023 operations and revenues. The beginning fund balance at 2023 of $765,609 are estimated to be utilized during 2023 and 2024 in addition to a budgeted general fund transfer in 2024 of $389,054. There is also a transfer of $342,048 from the capital project fund for airport capital projects and grant match.


  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Airport Operations
  • Airport FBO
  • Capital

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Airport Capital - 2024 budget appropriations: Airport Terminal Improvement Project $628,049; Airport Asphalt Sealcoat & Markings $222,222

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