Capital Project Fund


The Capital Improvement Program includes capital purchases in excess of $50,000 that are not budgeted in a proprietary fund. City Staff identifies projects for the next six years and ranks the projects. The funded projects for the upcoming budget year are highlighted in the data below.

The City’s Management Team ranks the projects for the current budget year based on a matrix consisting of the following 7 criteria listed in descending order of the more heavily weighted multiplier:

1. Satisfaction of legal or contractual obligations

2. Health and safety

3. Maintenance/protection of city's existing assets

4. Equitable access

5. Aligns with City's strategic plan

6. Community benefit & aligns with adopted plans

7. Private funding

Expenditures by Classification

Revenues by Classification

Budget Revenues vs. Expenditures

Ranked and Funded Projects for 2024 - Expenditures (not in ranked order - see below for ranking)

Ranked and Funded Projects for 2024 - Revenues (projects with outside revenue)

2023-2024 Capital Improvement Plan

6 Year Capital Improvement Plan

2024 Ranking