This interactive dashboard is provided by the City Manager's Office to communicate the status of the City's Strategic Business Plan adopted in the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

The Business Plan was Established by the City as part of its Strategic Plan for 2018-2023. The City Council established a list of priority tasks to be acomplished as part of the City Strategic Goals. Each Strategic Goal contains a series of Business Plan Items to be worked on for the duration of the Strategic Plan. In total, there are 74 Business Plan Items divided among each Strategic Goal. Below please find information regarding the status of the 74 Business Plan Items.


Completed: the Business Plan Item has been completed

Continuous Item: Business Plan Items without an established end time. These items are to be completed annually as part of the day-to-day business of the City throughout the duration of the Business Plan

In Progress: These Business Plan Items have been started and significant progress has been made

Not Started: These Business Plan Items have not been started as of the day this report was published

Below, Please find the overall status of the City's Strategic Business Plan.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Business Plan Contains 18 items the City Council considered to be essential to the development of a healthy economy in the City. The items work to achieve the City's Strategic Goal of Economic Development


The Growth Management Business Plan contains nine(9) items that the City Council identifed as priorities to accomplish the Growth Management Strategic Goal. The City of St. Cloud is going through tremendous growth in population and development. It is important to follow proper growth management principles to ensure our stakeholders find a community to live, work, and play


The Infrastructure Business Plan contains 18 items identified as critical for the provision of adequate infrastructure to meet current and future needs, as identified in the City's Strategic Plan.


Financial Sustainability's Business Plan is composed of nine (9) items identified as needed tasks to ensure the financial health of the City.


The Public Service Business Item contains 9 items that are the basis for the efficient and effective delivery of public service that the City of St. Cloud is known for.


The City's Professional Workforce Business Plan contains 10 items. These items were identified as priorities for the City to attract and retain a qualified workforce to ensure the delivery of public service is as effective and efficient as possible.