Strategic Plan

Stay updated on our progress as we continue to work on the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Goal 1 Economic Development

To create economic prosperity by diversifying industries, investing in workforce development, and promoting destination locations.

Status: On Track

The City of St. Cloud is perfectly positioned in Central Florida to grow economically and attract businesses. Being the City conveniently located between major Central Florida economic, technological, transportation, and tourism hubs, the City intends to develop economic development strategies to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Ensure goods and services are available to meet current and future population demands.
  2. Assist businesses seeking to boost productivity and workforce.
  3. Foster and establish partnerships with local and regional organizations that can expedite planning and business development.

Goal 2 Growth Management

To Create a vibrant, progressive, and diverse community through sustainable planning for all generations.

Status: On Track

The City of St. Cloud is experiencing rapid growth in population and development. St. Cloud is the 9th fastest growing city in the Country, with 2020 census showing a population of 58,964 residents. The City is dedicated to managing the growth, to ensure it occurs in an organic and sustainable way. The City has identified growth management strategies by focusing on the below strategic objectives:

  1. Update the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code to include Smart Growth principles that promote an attractive and strong sense of place to create an urban historic downtown, walkable and connected neighborhoods, and mixed use centers, which exhibit innovative urban design.
  2. Update the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code to support environmental planning and resource conservation policies through the promotion of efficient land development patterns and alternative mobility strategies to achieve a resilient and healthy environment.
  3. Develop a connected Opportunity for Regional Employment (CORE) Program that promotes high-tech, high-values jobs through implementation of the City's Target Industries.
  4. Improve the quality of life for St. Cloud residents, businesses, and visitors through high-quality mixed use developments that provides for environmental justice and choices, increases property values, and which improves the appearance of the City.

Goal 3 Infrastructure

To provide safe, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure for the community

Status: On Track

The City takes seriously its obligation to provide its residents, visitors, and businesses with the needed infrastructure to conduct their daily routines safely. In this Strategic Plan, the City works towards achieving safe and adequate infrastructure by following the core objectives below:

  1. Create conveniently located spaces for interactions and exchanges to enhance a sense of community with a focus on environmental initiatives such as increased tree covered spaces, clean water/lakes, and green facilities.
  2. Improve mobility and connectivity together with partner agencies to create a safe, walkable, and bikeable community.
  3. Improve quality of life by planning, maintaining, financing, and upgrading infrastructure, facilities, and outdoor spaces in alignment with City's strategic initiatives, and adopted levels of service standards to meet existing and future growth.

Status: On Track

The City is committed to maintaining a fiscally sound budget, to ensure we have the financial resources to continue delivering a high level of public service. The City plans to achieve its financial goal by following the below objectives:

  1. Ensure flexibility to effectively respond to changing economic, social, environmental, and/or political conditions and circumstances.
  2. Manage public funds efficiently to provide infrastructure and public service needs.
  3. Enhance financial performance and public confidence through transparency, accountability, and consistency.

Goal 5 Public Service

To provide a high level of service to all internal and external customers

Status: On Track

One of the main functions of government is the delivery of public services. The City of St. Cloud takes this function seriously and wants to ensure its residents and customers receive the best service available. The Public Service Strategic Goal is set to be achieved by completing the following objectives:

  1. Incorporate proven and innovative processes, resources, and technology to enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency.
  2. Enhance customers' access to City government operations and public meetings to reach a broader audience.

Goal 6 Professional Workforce

To develop and retain qualified talent to provide exceptional services to the community.

Status: On Track

In a competitive job market, the City of St. Cloud wants to develop, attract, and retain qualified and skilled staff to help the City provide services to the community. The City plans to achieve this by accomplishing the below objectives:

  1. Engage businesses and industries to build relationships for immediate and future workforce needs.
  2. Improve employee development by incorporating organizational values and providing opportunities for professional growth.
  3. Attract and retain a qualified and diverse workforce.