Commissioner of the Revenue


Our mission is to serve all the citizens of Stafford County by providing the highest level of customer service with integrity and fiscal responsibility. We will implement and administer fairly, uniformly, and impartially the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Stafford while remaining accountable to the citizens of Stafford.

Who Are We?

Personal Property Tax

  • Assesses all tangible personal property, i.e., vehicles, trailers, motor homes, business property, machinery and tools, merchants capital, and mobile homes.

State Income Taxes

  • Provides service to the taxpayers of Stafford in the filing of their state individual income taxes. Food and Beverage, Transient Occupancy, & Short Term Rental Taxes
  • Responsible for the remittance of the food and beverage, transient occupancy, and short-term rental tax.


  • Ensures uniformity in business property taxation and promotes compliance in assessing tangible business property and all excise taxes collected by the business and held in trust for the county.

Real Estate Division

  • Responsible for maintaining all real property records for assessment and taxation.


  • Conducts an in-house biennial reassessment and is responsible for interim new property assessment.

Land Use

  • Allows for agricultural, horticultural, and forest land to be assessed at use value rather than market value.

Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled

  • Designed to assist elderly and disabled taxpayers by providing either total or partial tax relief. Certain criteria must be met to qualify: age, income, and net worth. Qualified applicants will receive relief on their dwelling and up to one acre of land.

Disabled Veterans Tax Relief

  • A state instituted program exempting disabled veterans and their surviving spouses from local real estate taxes. Veterans with permanent disabilities that are 100% service-related qualify for the program. Qualified applicants will receive relief on their house and up to one acre of land.

Budget Summary

Funded Positions


  • Provide accurate, timely, and equitable assessments. This will ensure the tax burden is spread equally among taxpayers. We provide service to the taxpayers and the County by ensuring the tax system is respected and accepted by the citizens of Stafford County through continuing to focus on accuracy and equity. (Service levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10)
  • Continue to work with Treasurer’s Office to increase access to assessment and tax billing records by developing a joint website offering a full suite of tax services online. (Service Level 11)
  • Utilize wireless technology to allow for on-site data collection. This will improve the accuracy of assessments and improve our efficiency.
  • Move towards a paperless system. In addition to new online tax filings, paper filings are digitized and easily retrievable through an electronic content management system. (Service level 1)
  • Ensure that every property owner understands the assessment process and how property values are derived. (Service levels 1, 6, and 7)
  • Continue to work with Economic Development to provide revenue models and other revenue data critical to their economic development efforts and locate and register businesses on to the tax rolls.
  • Promote professionalism through education, training, licensing, and accreditation. (Service Levels 12 and 13)

Service Levels for the Commissioner of the Revenue