Electronic Summons Fund


Administered within the Office of the Sheriff and Circuit and District Court clerks, the Electronic Summons System fee mission is to allow effienciences for Deputies initating summons and citizens resolving cited violations.

Who Are We?

The Electronic Summons System fee was established in July 2021, with the Board's approval of Ordinance O21-31. The Electronic Summons System fee is funded from citizens resolving cited violations, to defray the costs of implementing and maintaining electronic summons system. This fund will also be a source for a future upgrate to provide anticipated electronic services.

Electronic summons system fee, as follows, with all other portions remaining unchanged:

Sec. 1-12.4. - Electronic summons system fee.

(a) A fee of five dollars ($5.00) is assessed and imposed in each criminal or traffic case in the Stafford County District or Circuit Courts in which the defendant is charged with a violation of any statute or ordinance.

(b) The fee is to be assessed by the clerk of the court in which the conviction occurred, with the other costs of the court proceedings and deposited with the Stafford County treasurer.

(c) The fees collected shall be used by the sheriff to fund software, hardware, and associated equipment costs for the implementation and maintenance of the electronic summons system.

State Law reference—Code of Virginia § 17.1-279.1.

Budget Summary

Notable Changes


  • Annual maintenance costs for E-Summons Software


  • Purchase of E-Summons Software System


  • One-time funding from the General Fund for the purchase of E-Summons Software
  • General Fund support for expenditures
  • E-ticket revenue

Fund Balance Summary