Enhance the efficiency and quality of Stafford County’s transportation network by increasing the mobility of citizens, improving the safety of existing roadways, reducing congestion and delay, and fostering economic development.

Who Are We?

The Transportation Section comprises of engineers, planners, and project managers who interact with the Board of Supervisors (BOS), citizens, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) staff, consultant engineers and others to develop and implement improvements to the County’s transportation network. These improvements are funded through the County’s Transportation Fund. Established in June 1986; the Transportation Fund is a governmental special revenue fund used to account for the receipt and disbursement of the motor fuels tax and transportation bond proceeds. It is also the repository for monies received from the VDOT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for specific roadway improvement projects. Transportation Fund revenue pays the County subsidy for Fredericksburg Regional Transit (FRED), Virginia Railway Express (VRE), Potomac Rappahannock Regional Transit (PRTC), and the Stafford Regional Airport Authority. The FY 2023 budget proposes using personal property tax revenues for transportation needs and future debt service on the 2019 Transportation Bond Referendum approved by voters in November 2019 with an over 75% voter approval.

Operating Revenues

Operating Expenditures

Capital Revenues

Capital Expenditures

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • Two project manager positions are required for the County to complete transportation-related capital projects.
  • The Transportation Fund will support 50% of a Property Acquisition Specials position which will be shared with the Utilities Fund.


  • Loss of Recordation Tax revenue
  • Reduction in support of VRE and FRED as a result of additional CARES ACT funding to these agencies


  • The $4.7 million transfer from General Fund is personal property tax revenue that will be dedicated to transportation purposes beginning in FY 2022
  • Changes in Revenue Sharing and SMART Scale funding
  • Shelton Shop Road Improvements (bond-funded)
  • Enon Road and Route 1 Improvements
  • Additional funding:
    • Courthouse Road and Route 1 Intersection Improvement
    • Route 1 & Telegraph Rd/Woodstock Ln Improvements
  • New Projects
    • Butler Road Stars Study
    • Brooke Road Reconstruction
    • Emergency Access Drive (Windermere to Crestwood)


  • Continued implementation of the 2019 Transportation Bond Referendum, which will allow the County to borrow up to $50M to fund specified road improvements within Stafford County. (Service Level 1)
  • Coordinate mass transit projects and services with Virginia Railway Express (VRE) and Fredericksburg Regional Transit (FRED). (Service Levels 2 and 3)
  • Utilize VDOT Revenue Sharing Funds to begin the construction of Berea Church Road and continue acquiring the necessary right-of-way and relocating impacted utilities associated with the Courthouse Road / Route 1 intersection improvements. (Service Level 4)
  • Utilize Transportation Alternatives (TA) federal grant funding to continue designing and/or constructing of the Flatford Road and Staffordboro Boulevard sidewalk projects. (Service Level 5)
  • Utilize VDOT Secondary Six-Year Plan (SSYP) Funds to complete the construction of safety improvements along Mountain View Road, Poplar Road, and/or Truslow Road.
  • Utilize VDOT Smart Scale Funds to continue with the Courthouse Road / Route 1 intersection improvements, as well as the Route 1 / Telegraph Road / Woodstock Lane intersection project.
Service Levels for Transportation

Budget Summary Revenue

Budget Summary Expenditures

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