Who Are We?

The Non-Departmental accounts provide funds for:

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Includes funding for Market Pay enhancements

Economic Development:

  • Maintained level funding for Economic Development Initiatives, such as Downtown Stafford


  • General Liability Insurance

One-time projects:

  • Funding for one-time projects

Operating Budget Contingency Reserve:

  • Based on the Principles of High-Performance Financial Management, ½% of General Fund expenditures

Other Non-Departmental:

  • Accounts for Countywide expenditures that are not related specifically to a department

Vehicle Replacement Program- County:

  • Vehicle Replacement Program in place for County vehicles

Budget Summary

Notable Changes


  • Increase for County-wide training programs
  • Financial Policy required increased to Operating Budget Contingency Reserve


  • Body Worn Camera one-time costs:
    • Renovations to Commonwealth Attorney's Office to accommodate increased staff
    • Video systems within in the courtrooms
    • Investments in technology to support the Commonwealth's Attorney

Capital and One-Time Projects