Berea Church Road Safety Improvements

Project Description

This project will reconstruct Berea Church Road from the intersection with Truslow Road to the intersection with Warrenton Road using VDOT 3R standards. Improvements will include improved roadway geometry, paved shoulders, drainage improvements and wider lanes. Bicycle & pedestrian accommodations will also be included in this project, utilizing the paved shoulder.

Project Funding

Total estimated project funding is $8,029,251 and anticipated to finish in FY2023

(MTS017) Berea Church Road Safety Improvements

Operating Impact Summary

All roadway improvements are done within VDOT right‐of‐way and therefore the maintenance of this roadway will continue to be VDOT’s responsibility.

Relationship to Approved County Policy or Plan

o On September 15, 2015, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) supported the submission of an application to compete for VDOT’s Smart Scale funding program. The project subsequently received $7.5M in Smart Scale funding

o Supports the BOS Strategic Priority – Responsive Transportation System.

Change or Reasons for Revisions

FY2020 – The project scope has changed to include a new connector road, but the project remains fully funded.

FY2021 – The project scope has reverted back to the original Smart Scale concept which removes the connector road; project remains fully funded.

FY2022 – The project cost has increased from $8.8M to approximately $10M due to increases in utility relocation costs and construction costs associated with inflation.

FY2023 – The project cost has increased approx. $500K to $10,489,437 due to increases in Right-of-Way costs (settlement/condemnation) and increases in construction cost associated with inflation.