Onville Road Widening Project

Project Description

The Onville Road (RT 641) Widening Project will widen and re‐align approximately 0.45 miles of Onville Road to provide 12‐foot travel lanes with curb & gutter, a two‐way left‐turn lane (TWLTL) down the center of the roadway, dedicated turn lanes at the intersection with Barrett Heights Road (RT 642)/Garrison Woods Drive (RT 1877) intersection, and 5‐foot sidewalks along both sides of the roadway.

onville road

Project Funding

Total estimated project funding is $17,502,141 and anticipated to start in FY2023

(TRS004) Onville Road Widening

Operating Impact Summary

All roadway improvements are done within VDOT right‐of‐way and therefore the maintenance of this roadway will continue to be VDOT’s responsibility.

Relationship to Approved County Policy or Plan

  • Supports the BOS Strategic Priority – Responsive Transportation System.
  • Project was identified and included in the approved 2019 Transportation Bond Referendum.

Change or Reasons for Revisions

FY2021 ‐ Project was included in Stafford County’s 2019 $50 Million Road Improvement Bond Referendum as a priority road project for safety & congestion


FY2022 – Project scope was increased to include pedestrian sidewalks that were formerly part of a separate Onville Road Sidewalk project. Further cost

estimation and inflation factors provided by VDOT as part of the SMART SCALE application process resulted in a cost increase from $15.7M to approximately

$17.1M. After failing to receive any FY25/26 SMART SCALE funding, project was re‐scoped to a $10.9M project with improvements terminating at Barrett

Heights/Garrison Woods intersection. Project was awarded $3,029,173 in CMAQ/RSTP funding from FAMPO in July 2020. The project funding assumes

$3.3M of future SMART SCALE funding and $2.0M of future Revenue Sharing as a source of revenue. If the funds are not approved by VDOT, other funding

sources will need to be identified in order for the project to move forward as presented in the CIP.

FY2023 - Project increased $6,215,805 as previous SMART SCALE project scope was selected for funding.

FY2024 - Project increased $386K from FY23 CIP