Budget and Management


The department of Budget and Management aligns the strategic plan with the budget, long-range financial forecasting and capital needs. The department partners with County Administration, the county departments and community partners to recommend the best use of public resources to pursue the Board of Supervisors' (BOS) goals. The department facilitates and assists in business planning and policy development and is aligned with the BOS’s goals.

Who Are We?

Operating Budget

  • Develops a balanced budget that meets the needs of the community in compliance with County policies and legal requirements.
  • Develops, publishes and implements the County’s budgets and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
  • Provides financial planning and analytical services to the County Administrator and Board of Supervisors (BOS).
  • Develops and publishes the five-year financial plan.

Capital Budget

  • Coordinates debt management, financial policies, and issuance of debt.
  • Administers the annual Capital Improvement Process
  • Facilitates and administers the Technical Review Process
  • Provides Training to end-users

Strategic Plan

  • Tracks and reports the Strategic Plan development to the County Administrator and BOS.
  • Provides Project Management Services to Board initiatives.
  • Assist departments with developing a departmental business plan aligned with the Board's Strategic Plan.
  • Manages the County's strategic planning software.
  • Assists in managing complex and significant strategic planning projects, including the County's Strategic Plan and departmental business plans.
  • Assists with developing and delivering of classroom training and small team coaching related to performance measures, strategic planning, strategic planning software and related management techniques.

Policy Management

  • Establishes, creates, and updates the Policy Development Process.
  • Ensures the alignment of policies to adopted plans, strategic plan and organizational values.
  • Administers the Policy Team
  • Maintains the centralized repository for policies

Budget Summary

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • 4.5% Pay Scale Adjustment
  • 2.0% Salary Increase
  • 2.13% increase in Virginia Retirement System Rate
  • .03% decrease in the Virginia Retiree Health Insurance Credit Rate


  • Increase cost for training
  • Increase cost in contracts for OpenGov
  • New Initiative to implement Priority Based Budgeting
  • ARPA funding to implement Priority Based Budgeting ($18,750)


  • Provide the County Administrator an unassigned fund balance estimate by September 1st that is within 2½% of the final audited figure. (Service level 2)
  • Honing and adherence to financial policy to maintain the County’s credit ratings. (Service levels 1 and 2)
  • Ensure that Stafford County aligns policies and procedures with the Board's goals provides clear direction for staff in the decision-making process. (Service levels 3 and 4)
  • Provide the County Administrator and the BOS recommendations on the best use of resources to reach their goals. (Service levels 1, 2, 5 and 6) (Strategic Priority – 7.1)
  • Monitor and report implementation of the strategic plan. (Service Level 7)
Service Levels for Budget and Management