Enon Road and Route 1 Improvements

Project Description

Project will widen approximately 0.63 miles of Enon Road (RT 753) from 0.02 miles west of the intersection with Beauregard Drive to the intersection with Richmond (US‐1). The project will provide a continuous two‐way left turn lane from the intersection with Beauregard Drive to Stafford Indians Lane and dedicated left‐turn and right‐turn lanes at the intersection with Stafford Indians Lane. The intersection with Porter Lane will also be improved to a 90 degree connection to provide sight distance to current standards. An additional left‐turn lane will be added to US‐1 northbound, and an additional receiving lane will be added to Enon Road to accommodate the dual left turns from Route 1. The project will also add dedicated left, through, and right‐turn lanes for traffic exiting Enon Road onto US‐1. A 5’ concrete sidewalk will also be provided along Enon Road.

enon road and route 1

Project Funding

Total estimated project funding is $11,600,000 and anticipated to start in FY2022

(TR2204) Enon & Rt 1 Improvements

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Operating Impact Summary

All roadway improvements are done within VDOT right‐of‐way and therefore the maintenance of this roadway will continue to be VDOT’s responsibility.

Relationship to Approved County Policy or Plan

  • The County’s Comprehensive Plan calls for Enon Road to be improved to a 2‐lane upgrade as well as safety improvements along it.
  • On March 20, 2018, the Board of Supervisors (BOS) supported the submission of an application to compete for VDOT’s Smart Scale funding program. Project subsequently received $4.442M in Smart Scale funds.
  • Supports the BOS Strategic Priority – Responsive Transportation System.

Change or Reasons for Revisions

FY2020 - Applied for Smart Scale funding and initially did not receive any funding. Due to some internal program changes, the project was eventually awarded a combination of Smart Scale and CMAQ/RSTP funding.

FY2021 - Funding timeline has changed based on late award of Smart Scale funding.

FY2022 - Received an additional $1M in RSTP funding across FY21 & FY22.

FY2023 - Funding source changes only.

FY2024 - Project increased by$1,000,000 from FY2023 CIP.