The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, investment, and disbursement of all state and local revenues. The mission of the Treasurer’s Office is to provide citizens with a broad range of payment options for efficient revenue collections, while delivering exceptional service.

Who Are We?


Cashiering Division

  • Collects and processes citizen tax payments, utility payments and all County service fees and revenues.
  • Receives and processes other departmental revenues, including permits, planning & zoning, Fire and Rescue, Parks & Rec, Landfill deposits, Court and Sheriff’s fees, Social Services, and Public Schools revenues.
  • Lifetime Dog tag and kennel tag sales, receive and record rabies vaccinations from Veterinarians and other jurisdictions, facilitates pre-registrations for annual rabies clinic.
  • Receives applications and payments from citizens to purchase Landfill Annual Pass and coupon sales
  • Scan and index supporting deposit information daily into the County’s document management system for efficient research and retrieval.
  • Assists citizens and visitors with tax accounts and other County service fees inquiries.
  • Reconciles daily revenues from various departmental deposits, including credit card processing.
  • Assists customers with inquiries and documentation to provide Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Select Services, reconciling and preparing DMV daily deposits and reviewing daily work.
  • Receiving, sorting and processing daily incoming mail payments and correspondence, and preparing outgoing mail.
  • Captures information from returned mail pieces and disperses accounts to the compliance division for research.

Accounting and Investment Division

  • Oversees and administers daily cash management and banking activities related to the receipts, disbursements, and investments of all local and state revenues.
  • Monitors revenues and ensures that daily revenues are uploaded accurately and timely into the financial accounting system.
  • Receipts all incoming electronic deposits from Federal and State funding.
  • Facilitates secure file exchanges with the County’s general banking services provider to ensure efficient and accurate receipt and disbursement processing.
  • Administers reconciliation programs to include daily revenues, merchant accounts and ACH payments.
  • Communicates with Utilities and Landfill Department to ensure cash flow levels are maintained for operational requirements while maximizing investment potential.
  • Administers disbursements to include printing accounts payable checks, for the County, Schools, Social Services, payroll and debt service payments.
  • Oversees the County Bond disbursement processing to ensure bond payments are completed on schedule.
  • Coordinates with County and Schools to ensure that Unclaimed Property is completed and reconciled annually.
  • Provides, facilitates and coordinates the exchange of information and data for the annual external Audit. Collaborates with other departments in providing auditors with required documentation.


Customer Service

  • Answers telephone, email and live chat inquiries from citizens.
  • Analyzes tax account inquiries from citizens to ensure records are accurate.
  • Manages the online payment portal, including updating billing information and changes to accounts requested by citizens.
  • Administers high volume customer billing accounts enrolled in electronic billing and payment option.
  • Processes electronic payment files, including online Lifetime Dog Tags and incoming mail tax and utility payments from citizens.
  • Manages miscellaneous receivables, including dog licenses, parking tickets, weed abatements, and trash removal
  • Identifies, researches and processes all county payments returned by the bank as unpaid or charged back through the various credit card companies.
  • Administers daily correspondence and processes all payment file transmissions for mortgage, title, lawyer settlement companies and various vehicle leasing companies. Processes all incoming mail payments and electronic tax payments from these sources.
  • Codes Real Estate properties to be billed to Mortgage/Tax Service Companies
  • Manages daily processing and reconciliation of State and Estimated Tax payments.
  • Manages special collection programs, such as Treasurer’s Automated Prepayment Program.


  • Balances tax billing to assessment records and verify accuracy of bills before mailing.
  • Produces bi-annual tax and delinquent notices, as well as monthly supplements.
  • Facilitates refunds for billing adjustments or overpayments.
  • Facilitates the proper storage and record retention policies according to the Library of Virginia.
  • Manages the annual operating budget and personnel; oversees the procurement process
  • Develops policies and procedures
  • Maintains Office Accreditation through the Compensation Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Oversees the accounts payable processing for vendor disbursements.

Compliance Division

Delinquent Collections

  • Researches current address, employment, and banking information for delinquent taxpayers using various tools and information systems.
  • Administers the various collection methods allowed by law, including wage and bank liens, Bill in Equity sales, interception of State refunds, and withholding of Vehicle Registrations.
  • Maintains bankruptcy filings and updates tax accounts with court rulings following mandated laws, working closely with the Utilities Department and the County Attorney.
  • Processes payments on delinquent tax accounts and updates collection actions based on account activities.
  • Corresponds with delinquent taxpayers and employers to satisfy debts.

Delinquent Court Fines and Fees

  • Receives and processes debtor accounts from the Circuit, General District, and Juvenile Domestic Relations Courts to initiate delinquent notices.
  • Receives and processes payment files to update account balances and payments on accounts under collection effort.
  • Researches current address and employment information for debtor accounts using various tools.
  • Pursues collections through various efforts, including wage liens.

Budget Summary

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • (1) Revenue Collections Specialist II
  • 4.5% Pay Scale Adjustment
  • 2.0% Salary Increase
  • 2.13% increase in Virginia Retirement System Rate
  • .03% decrease in the Virginia Retiree Health Insurance Credit Rate


  • Increase in postage


The Treasurer’s Office continues to pursue innovative cost-saving methods to collect and disburse local revenues that improve efficiencies and enhance earning potentials, while delivering exceptional service to citizens.

  • Continue to enhance the online myStafford Customer Portal experience, utilize tax e-billing features, and further promote paperless initiatives to achieve efficiency savings while meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. (Service levels 2, 3, 5, and 9)
  • Increase transparency of operations by updating the Treasurer’s website with detailed information on frequently asked questions to reduce incoming phone calls and correspondence. (Service levels 1, 2, and 3)
  • Increase electronic batch file exchanges to streamline payment processing. (Service levels 8 and 9)
  • Expand electronic Document Management to reduce paper footprint. (Service levels 2, 3, and 8)
  • Establish and develop a delinquent collection and compliance team to increase and initiate additional delinquent collection efforts that will capitalize on compliance allowed by Virginia Code. (Service levels 3 and 4)
Service Levels for the Treasurer