US‐17 Business STARS Improvements

Project Description

The project would also eliminate the traffic signal at Short Street (RT 1034) and extend the merge lane constructed as part of the ongoing work to reconstruct the I‐95/Rt. 17 interchange. The project will have a 5' concrete sidewalk along US‐17 from Short Street to 600‐feet east of Olde Forge Drive and will include the installation of a new covered bus shelter at the existing FRED transit stop at Olde Forge Drive. The project consists of the minor widening of US‐17 Business (Warrenton Road) to replace the existing two‐way left-turn lane with a raised concrete median to separate opposing lanes of traffic.

route 17

Project Funding

The total estimated project funding is $9,762,553 and is anticipated to start in FY2025

(TRS002) US-17 Business STARS Improvement

Operating Impact Summary

All roadway improvements are made within VDOT right‐of‐way, and therefore the maintenance of this roadway will continue to be VDOT’s responsibility.

Relationship to Approved County Policy or Plan

  • Supports the Board of Supervisors Strategic Priority – Responsive Transportation System.

Change or Reasons for Revisions

FY2022 – Project was identified in a previous STARS study along Route 17 and was submitted for Round 4 SMART SCALE funding through GWRC.

FY2023 - No changes

FY2024 - No changes