Electoral Board and Registrar


To ensure the opportunity to register and ensure voting is available to all eligible residents.

Who Are We?

  • Appointed Constitutional Officer
  • Conduct voter registration and elections as required by the Commonwealth’s Constitution, the Code of Virginia, and the directives of the State Board of Elections, under the guidance of the Stafford County Electoral Board.
  • Maintain voter registration records, candidate files, and election results while providing for their safekeeping and retention in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Core Functions:
    • Voter Registration
    • Candidate Support
    • Party Support
    • Elections
    • Public Education
    • Records Retention

Budget Summary

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • 4.5% Pay Scale Adjustment
  • 2.0% Salary Increase
  • 2.13% increase in Virginia Retirement System Rate
  • .03% decrease in the Virginia Retiree Health Insurance Credit Rate
  • Increase in overtime


  • Increase in supplies
  • Printing increases
  • Additional utility costs - warehouse space rented after budget adoption
  • Additional rental costs - warehouse space needed after budget adoption


  • Increase voter registration opportunities. (Service level 2)
  • Decrease error rate of voter registration applications received from third parties. (Service level 6)
  • Streamline voter record maintenance. (Service level 6)
  • Speed election results reporting. (Service level 7)
  • Design and implement online and other computer-based instruction for election officials. (Service level 7)
  • Process absentee ballot requests upon receipt, besting the 48-hour requirement. (Service level 6)
  • Increase voter education, outreach, and information access. (Service levels 3 and 5)
  • Enhance political party support. (Service level 7)
  • Streamline candidate support. (Service level 7)
  • Develop and maintain a routine equipment replacement paradigm. (Service level 7)
  • Maintain strict compliance with all County, state, and federal laws, policies and procedures. (Service level 7)
  • Digitize voter registration applications. (Service levels 4 and 6)
Service Levels for the Electoral Board and Registrar