School Operations: Local Funding


Inspire and empower all learners to thrive.

Who Are We?

The School Board:

  • Provides programs and services that encourage all students to graduate from high school.
  • Provides teachers with adequate materials, supplies, instructional assistance, and administrative support.
  • Acknowledges the school principal as the key person in establishing a favorable school culture.
  • Encourages parents to be essential partners in students' social, intellectual, and psychological development.
  • Provides services to help students understand social issues and peer pressure, enabling them to plan for the future.


Budget Summary

Debt Service - Change in Accounting Practice

FY2023 Proposed Budget includes a change in accounting practice related to debt service and the recording of Refunded Bonds. The process of refunding debt allows the County to re-issue debt at more favorable rates. When debt issued through the Virginia Public School Authority (VPSA) is refunded, the original debt is paid as it was initially scheduled. The refund savings are issued back as a credit (revenue) within the same fiscal year. For example, if the annual debt service had been $100, and due to refunding it will reduce the net payment to $80, Stafford County would continue to pay out $100 and receive the $20 credit as a revenue source.


Prior to the FY2023 Proposed Budget, debt service was provided net of refunding. In the FY2023 Proposed Budget, the revenue projections include $1,114,557 in refunding. Debt service, net of refunding, is $29,082,714.

Notable Changes



  • School Local transfer increase for Per Pupil Increases, based on 50%
  • School Local transfer increase for salary increases to reduce compression assumes no state funding
  • School Local transfer increase for year 2 of Teacher Salary implementation 40% of the cost is the County's cost share
  • Public Day School 3% increase due to salary costs of positions and increase service levels due to the pandemic



  • Change in Accounting practice and future borrows



  • Funding for High School number 6 funded by Prior Year Fund Balance