County Administration


To assist the Board of Supervisors (BOS) in fulfilling their 2040 Vision and Strategic Plan for the county where heart, home and health come together in one community while being mindful of the Board’s priorities for the community: Healthy Growth; Quality Educational Opportunities; Organizational Excellence; Responsive Transportation System; A Vibrant and Exciting Business Community; Dedicated and Responsive Public Safety Team; and the Heartbeat of Recreation, History and Culture.

Who Are We?

The County Administration oversees the Stafford County Government's day-to-day operations to ensure that employees provide high-quality services that help build a great community. To achieve this goal, County Administration staff engages in four primary areas:

Executive Management and Leadership

  • Oversees services, programs, and activities the BOS and County Administrator have authority.
  • Leads and encourages professional development among staff.

Legislative Facilitation

  • Facilitates the development and implementation of the County's budget, the levying of County's taxes; assists in appointing members of authorities, commissions and committees; adopts the County’s Comprehensive Plan; approves and enforces related ordinances.
  • Coordinates annual legislative initiatives for the BOS.

Staff Support to the Board of Supervisors

  • Coordinates the preparation of agenda materials for the BOS and BOS committee meetings. Processes resolutions, ordinances, and proclamations as approved by the BOS.
  • Assists in office management, preparing statistical and financial reports including budget preparation, and coordinating special events.
  • Responsible for permanent recordation of resolutions, ordinances, proclamations and meeting minutes as determined by the Library of Virginia, Records Retention specifications.

Community Building

  • Facilitates community-building initiatives by bringing together different aspects of a community, including businesses, health care, education, recreation, and public infrastructure, to help build a place where residents can work toward a shared future.

Budget Summary

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • 4.5% Pay Scale Adjustment
  • 2.0% Salary Increase
  • 2.13% increase in Virginia Retirement System Rate
  • .03% decrease in the Virginia Retiree Health Insurance Credit Rate
  • (1) Grants Coordinator (after adoption of the FY2022 budget, approved by Resolution R21-390.)
  • (1) Security Manager


  • Increase in contracts for transcription services
  • Membersips


  • Continue to support the BOS and their strategic priorities for the community. (Service level 2)
  • Maintain and retain a professional workforce to carry out the BOS strategic priorities for the community. (Service level 2)
  • Serve as the model high-performing local government for other municipalities in Virginia and the nation. (Service levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7)

The above goals support the BOS strategic priorities for the community, which include Healthy Growth, Quality Educational Opportunities, Organizational Excellence, Responsive Transportation System, A Vibrant and Exciting Business Community, Dedicated and Responsive Public Safety Team, and the Heartbeat of Recreation, History and Culture, and the County’s Principles of High-Performance Management.

Service Levels for County Administration