Community Facilities


To promote an active lifestyle that will enrich lives by providing clean, safe, accessible parks and facilities and offering diverse recreational opportunities.

Who Are We?

Facility Use Management

  • Manage facility scheduling at the County Government Center.

Facility Maintenance

  • Provide attractive, clean, safe, accessible public buildings and grounds. Maintenance includes 668,630 square feet of County building space.

Mail Room

  • Provide interoffice, UPS, Federal Express, and U.S. postal services to all County departments.

Budget Summary

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • 4.5% Pay Scale Adjustment
  • 2.0% Salary Increase
  • 2.13% increase in Virginia Retirement System Rate
  • .03% decrease in the Virginia Retiree Health Insurance Credit Rate
  • 1 FTE, Building Maintenance Mechanic I


  • Fixed contract increases


  • Continue to be proactive in implementing cost-effective maintenance and energy consumption measures. (Service levels 3 and 4)
  • Emphasize staff development and training in technical areas of expertise, the latest industry trends, best practices, new technologies, and leadership development. (Service levels 1 and 5)

Service Levels for Community Facilities