Geographic Information Systems


The mission of the Geographic Information System (GIS) Office, under the Information Technology Department, provides spatial analysis, mapping, and mapping interfaces to County departments and external customers. Our citizens are empowered through our websites and spatial data. We also provide personal assistance through our walk-in counter.

Who Are We?

  • Maintains the County‚Äôs GIS base maps and layers.
  • Responsible for GIS interfaces with other County application systems and databases.
  • Provides quality GIS products and ensures the integrity of GIS maps and data inferences.
  • GIS information is provided internally and externally through targeted desktop and mobile applications.

Budget Summary

Funded Positions

Notable Changes


  • 4.5% Pay Scale Adjustment
  • 2.0% Salary Increase
  • 2.13% increase in Virginia Retirement System Rate
  • 03% decrease in the Virginia Retiree Health Insurance Credit Rate


  • Increase in maintenance costs
  • Increase in supply costs
  • Increase in software maintenance costs


  • Provide high-quality and timely spatial analysis and mapping services to County departments and Constitutional Offices. (Service levels 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • Continue development of targeted applications for specific county departments. (Service levels 1, 2, and 3)
  • Continue working with Public Safety departments by providing timely 911-Dispatch mapping updates. (Service levels 1 and 2)
  • When activated and in training, continue to provide the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Office, with targeted mapping data based on incident scope. (Service level 3)
  • Provide a County Open-Portal site, a one-stop-shop for citizens to find easy-to-understand, high-quality, actionable government services, news, and information. The GIS Portal Site empowers citizens and helps businesses use current and detailed mapping information. (Service levels 1 and 2)
Service Levels for Geographic Information Systems