County Debt Service


The County’s General Government debt budget includes principal and interest payments on outstanding debt repaid from the general fund. Debt service payments of the School system and self-supporting revenue bonds are included in the respective budgets of the school system and the various enterprises.

Who Are We?

  • Manages the current year liability of long-term obligations of the general government.
  • Long-term obligations consist mostly of bonds sold to finance the construction of public facilities.
  • Other long-term obligations consist of lease agreements that finance the acquisition of public safety equipment.
  • Principal, interest, and administrative costs for the current accounting year are paid from debt service accounts.

Budget Summary

Notable Changes

  • Increase for Master Lease for Fire and Rescue Apparatus and Equipment
  • Increase for Aquia Station Rebuild


  • Comply with the debt limitations outlined in Principles of High-Performance Financial Management, as adopted by the Board.
  • In order to reduce our reliance on debt, a reserve was set aside for the proposed courthouse capital project to be utilized for the design and furniture.

The above goals support the Principles of High-Performance Financial Management.