Hidden Lake Special Revenue Fund


The purpose of the Hidden Lake Subdivision Service District is to provide for dam construction, reconstruction and maintenance; beach and shoreline management and restoration at Hidden Lake; construction, maintenance and general upkeep of the private streets and roads within Hidden Lake Subdivision that are not under the operation and jurisdiction of the Virginia Department of Transportation; and such other services, events or activities which will enhance the use and enjoyment of and the public safety, public convenience and public well-being within the Hidden Lake Subdivision Service District.

Who Are We?

The Hidden Lake Subdivision Service District special revenue fund was established by Ordinance O06-06, adopted on January 3, 2006. It accounts for ad valorum tax receipts from property owners in the Hidden Lake Subdivision to pay debt service and costs for maintenance of the dam and subdivision roads. The FY2023 Proposed Budget recommends a tax rate of $0.28, which is a decline from the CY2022 effective tax rate of $0.347.

Budget Summary


  • Provide operation and maintenance of Hidden Lake, Hidden Lake Dam, and private roadways within the neighborhood.
  • Ensure compliance with Virginia Dam Safety Regulations to maintain regular Operation and Maintenance Certificate for the Dam from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Fund Balance Summary