Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services


Funding Process

Beginning in FY2019, the Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department implemented a new process for funding the County’s various volunteer agencies. Leadership worked alongside the volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (FRA) to review and revise the funding process for volunteer stations.

  • The Fire and Rescue Department and the FRA Administrative Committee developed an equitable and understandable funding policy. Committee members vote on System-Wide Funding requests and approve allocation transfers into volunteer station operating budgets.
  • The purpose of the revision was to ensure that operating expenses were appropriately managed and allocated toward training and volunteer service.
  • The process has improved transparency and provided control measures within the volunteer fire and rescue system.

Funding Summary

In the above table and graph, actuals will include expenditures from Volunteer System Wide Funding distributed to the department's individual needs during the fiscal year.

  1. Aquia Harbour Rescue is a county-owned Station at 1001 Washington Drive; a portion of the funding will be used for utility cost
  2. Aquia Harbour Rescue Includes $10,036 for Training Room Rental
  3. Falmouth Fire includes $35,000 for Mortgage Payment
  4. Stafford Fire is a county-owned Station at 305 Jason Mooney Drive