Route 1 & Layhill Road Intersection Improvements

Project Description

The project will perform minor widening of US‐1 for turn lane and access management improvements and Layhill Road (RT 624) and Heritage Commons Drive (Private). Layhill Road will be widened for an additional right turn lane at US‐1 and a new left-turn lane into the gas station/bank on the corner of US‐1 & Layhill. New turn lanes will be provided at the intersection with Forbes Street (RT 760). New pedestrian sidewalks along US‐1 and the north side of Layhill Road to Forbes Street.

route 1 and layhill

Project Funding

The total estimated project funding is $15,642,028 and is anticipated to start in FY2023

(TRS003) Route 1 & Layhill Rd Intersection Improvements

Operating Impact Summary

All roadway improvements are made within VDOT right‐of‐way, and therefore the maintenance of this roadway will continue to be VDOT’s responsibility.

Relationship to Approved County Policy or Plan

  • Supports the BOS Strategic Priority – Responsive Transportation System.
  • The project was identified and included in the approved 2019 Transportation Bond Referendum.

Change or Reasons for Revisions

FY2021 – Project was included in Stafford County’s 2019 $50 Million Road Improvement Bond Referendum as a priority road project for safety & congestion improvements.

FY2022 ‐ Changed title description from “Road Improvements” to “Intersection Improvements” to better reflect project scope. Project cost estimate updates in connection with the Round 4 SMART SCALE application process resulted in a minor cost decrease from $8.5M to approximately $8.4M. The project funding assumes $2.5M of future SMART SCALE funding and $2.9M of future Revenue Sharing as a source of revenue. If VDOT does not approve the funds, other funding sources will need to be identified for the project to move forward as presented in the CIP.

FY2023 - No changes

FY2024 - Project increased $4,918,682 from FY2023 CIP.