FY23 School Board's Approved Budgets


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Stafford County School Board

 Organizational Chart

Budget Development Calendar

 Budget Priorities

 Letter from the Board Chair

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School Board's Proposed Budget Summary

School Board's Approved Budget Summary

 School Operating Approved Revenue Summary

 School Operating Approved Expense Summary

Approved Teacher Salary Scale

 Estimated Per Pupil Expenditures

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Classroom Instruction

 Regional Alternative Education

 Day School

 Summer School

 Adult Education

 Guidance Services

School Social Worker Services

 Homebound Instruction

Improvement of Instruction

 Media Services

 Office of the Principal

Administration, Attendance and Health

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Management and Direction

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Operations and Maintenance

 Management and Direction

Building Services

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 Warehouse and Distribution

School Food Services

Architectural and Engineering

Debt Service


 Technology Classroom Instruction

 Technology Administration

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 Technology Maintenance

Contingencies and Transfers


Elementary Schools

 Anne E. Moncure Elementary School

Anthony Burns Elementary School

Conway Elementary School

Falmouth Elementary School

Ferry Farm Elementary School

Garrisonville Elementary School

Grafton Village Elementary School

Hampton Oaks Elementary School

Hartwood Elementary School

Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School

Margaret Brent Elementary School

Park Ridge Elementary School

Rockhill Elementary School

Rocky Run Elementary School

Stafford Elementary School

Widewater Elementary School

Winding Creek Elementary School

Middle Schools

 A.G. Wright Middle School

 Dixon-Smith Middle School

 Edward E. Drew, Jr. Middle School

 H.H. Poole Middle School

 Rodney E. Thompson Middle School

 Shirley C. Heim Middle School

 Stafford Middle School

 T. Benton Gayle Middle School

High Schools

 Brooke Point High School

 Colonial Forge High School

 Mountain View High School

North Stafford High School

 Stafford High School

Pay Scales

Teacher Salary Scale

Stipends and Supplements

Bus Driver Salary Scale

Uniform Salary Scale

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Other Funds

Capital Projects

Revenue Summary

Expenditures Summary

Capital Improvement Plan

Enrollment Accommodation Plan


Grant Descriptions

Revenue Summary

Expenditures Summary


Revenue Summary

Expenditures Summary


Revenue Summary

Expenditures Summary

Health Benefits

Revenue Summary

Expenditures Summary

Workers Compensation

Revenue Summary

Expenditures Summary