Water Enterprise Fund

City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

To maintain and improve the City’s potable water distribution system in order to ensure a high quality and dependable water supply in a fiscally responsible manner. The department also enables adequate fire protection throughout the water distribution system to ensure public health and safety.

Changes from FY20

***Preliminary Budget Based on Recommended Rates***

Personal Services Accounts shows a small decrease (1%) due to the net impact of retirement, an adjustment of the stipend program allocation, and increases in union wages due to previous collective bargaining agreements with SMEA Units A and B. In addition, the budget calls for six months of vacancy for the Tuesday-Saturday water main repair crew (Tuesday-Saturday).

There is a proposed decrease of 9.5% overall to the Ordinary Maintenance accounts. This decrease includes a reduction of 7% ($17,200) in the Professional & Technical Services account, a $20,000 (77%) reduction in the Service Contract account due to restructuring of our smart meter reader agreements, and a reduction of $18,480 (40%) in the Printing and Stationary account due to reallocation of billing costs to the Sewer Enterprise Fund.

Account changes in the Special Items section are due to an increase the City's MWRA Water Assessment of $276,099 (a 3% change from the estimated assessment from FY20) and an increase in indirect costs (or overhead) paid to the City's General Fund ($81,524, or 13%).

The Water Assessment pays for the supply of City's drinking water and is determined by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

Debt service for fiscal year 2021 increased 7.6% (or $100,069).

FY21 Budget Proposal

Water Enterprise Fund Proposed Budget Appropriation Fiscal Year 2021

FY21 Revenue Proposal

Projected Water Enterprise Revenue for Fiscal Year 2021

Departmental Organization

Organization Chart for the Water Enterprise Fund Fiscal Year 2021

Positions Listing

Enterprise-Funded General Fund Employees