Sewer Enterprise Fund

City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

To maintain and improve the City’s wastewater and drainage collection system by increasing capacity and reducing back-ups. This mission is accomplished through inspection, routine maintenance, system repairs and emergency repairs. All work is performed is a fiscally responsible manner using state of the art equipment.

Changes from FY20


Changes in the Personal Services accounts from fiscal 2020 include the addition of a Stormwater Program Manager as well as wage increases for union positions due to previous collective bargaining agreements with SMEA Units A and B. In addition, the proposed budget includes six months of vacancy for the Tuesday-Saturday Sewer cleaning and repair crew.

There is a 2.31% overall increase ($24,980) in Ordinary Maintenance accounts, which includes a 30% ($70,000) reduction to the Professional & Technical line and an increase to the Printing & Stationary line of $57,480. The Printing & Stationary line was increased in order to better allocate billing costs between the Water and Sewer Enterprise Funds.

The Capital Outlay accounts were reduced by $1,000,000 (18.08%) due to expenditures for Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey’s (SSES) shifting away from pay-as-you-go towards borrowing.

Account changes in the Special Items section are due to a decrease in the City's Sewer Assessment (a 6% change from the estimated assessment in FY20) and an increase in indirect costs (or overhead) paid to the City's General Fund ($77,279). The Sewer assessment pays for the processing of the City's wastewater and is determined by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

Debt service increased by $111,748, or 11.11%

FY21 Budget Proposal

Sewer Enterprise Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 2021

FY21 Revenue Proposal

Sewer Enterprise Fund Projected Revenue Fiscal Year 2021

Departmental Organization

Sewer Enterprise Fund Organizational Chart

Positions Listing

Enterprise-Funded General Fund Employees