City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

The Parking Department serves resident, business, and visitor parking needs through the work of its three divisions: Administration, Enforcement, and Maintenance. The Department issues over 20 permit types, enforces parking regulations citywide, and maintains the City’s meters and signs. The Department advises and coordinates with every department in the City on all matters related to parking and advises the City’s Traffic Commission in developing rules and regulations.

The Parking Department is dedicated to providing accurate, courteous, and efficient customer service to our residents, businesses, and visitors through enhanced technologies, extensive business analysis, and consistently high professional performance.

Changes from FY20

The FY20 Personal Services budget is proposed at a 3.6% increase due to collective bargaining agreements reached during FY20 along with annual increases for union staff.

The FY20 Ordinary Maintenance budget is proposed at a 39.7% decrease due primarily to a $270,000 transfer of pavement markings funding to the Engineering Department. This can be seen in the R&M - Highways line.

Additional changes are as follows:

$313,208 reduction in Professional & Technical Services due to the removal of traffic consultant, parking study, and sign vendor services.

$79,500 reduction in Signs and Cones due to limiting of advanced technology signage in FY21.

$30,262 reduction in Credit Card Convenience Fees due to a dropoff in meter transactions.

There reductions were offset by a small increase in the Rentals line due to a contractual increase.

FY21 Budget Proposal

Departmental Organization

FY21 Positions Listing