Arts Council

City of Somerville FY22 Budget

Mission Statement

The Arts Council works to make the arts an integral part of life reflective of our diverse city. In addition, the Arts Council is active in supporting local artists, cultural organizations, and in contributing to the economic development of the City. Overall, the Council serves as both a resource and an advocate for the arts.

Personal Services Changes

Personal Services are projected up 10% for FY22.

Three positions have had their grade reclassified for FY22: Arts Coordinator, Cultural Culinary Director, and the Cultural Director.

Changes in salaries are due to negotiated collective bargaining agreements and merit increases based on annual performance reviews.

Ordinary Maintenance Changes

Ordinary Maintenance costs are unchanged for FY22.

FY22 Goals & Measures of Progress

GOAL 1: Conduct a City-wide Cultural Planning process, inclusive of multiple stakeholders, that ensures the arts are embedded in the City fabric, creating stability and expansion from production to distribution.

  • Develop a robust database of all arts sectors; establish a cultural plan with policy recommendations that are specific to needs and assets of the community; ensure that stakeholders of the plan are beyond the arts community and incorporate multiple sectors, ie. business, education, planning and development.

GOAL 2: Revise zoning and development policies to ensure stability and opportunities for art related production and commerce. Finalize alignment of arts-related uses relating to new zoning ordinance.

  • Ensure breadth of stakeholders to revise zoning and policies to ensure tangible stability in key arts studio spaces. Refine policies to create expanded opportunities in set asides within the City’s transformative districts. Expand arts related spaces by 15% determined through ongoing database and expanded set asides. Hire staff member to serve as liaison to Arts Council, Planning Dept., and developers.

GOAL 3: Create agreements with developers around public art and temporary rehearsal spaces, develop agreements with OSPCD PSUF, and create public art at Gilman TPSS site.

FY22 Budget

Personnel Listing