City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

To provide taxpayers and the general public with the best professional service and information available about property assessments in the City. Efficient and effective assistance allows taxpayers, the public, other City departments, and state agencies to maintain the highest level of confidence in the Assessors and their


Changes from FY20

Personal Services: For Fiscal Year 2021 our Assessing Administrative Assistant Position which has been vacant since February of this year will be cut 50%. The presumed hiring date would be January 1, 2021. This position was to be paid at $59,059.88 for Fiscal Year 2021. A total of $29,529.94 or 50% of this position would be cut, roughly six months without the position. The Chief Assessor has absorbed the majority of the duties that the Administrative Assistant was responsible for. Under the circumstances the Board of Assessors appreciates the position returning after the New Year if possible.

Ordinary Maintenance: Fiscal Year 2021 is the City’s first revaluation in four years. Historically the entire Commonwealth reevaluates all real estate and personal property every three years. In Somerville’s case the Department of Revenue added an extra interim year to fairly align all 352 communities into a five year cycle. Our real estate software vendor Vision is contracted to assist only in revaluation years. This service is a required necessity on Line 530016 and changed the annual amount of $21,000 to $69,000. The $48,000 increase is the same contracted amount paid for in our last revaluation in Fiscal Year 2017.

The other two lines increased for Fiscal Year 2021 are the Legal Services Line 530010 and a new Professional Appraisal Line. Due to our current development at Cambridge Crossing and the Assembly Campus, the Board of Assessors felt increases of $10,000 to the Legal Services Line and $20,000 for the new Professional Appraisal Line was warranted and overdue. Our current Real Estate Appeal environment is healthy, yet the Assessors need these lines to defend our values and protect our City’s overlay with fair and equitable values.

FY21 Budget Proposal

Departmental Organization

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