Licensing Commission

City of Somerville FY22 Budget

Mission Statement

The Licensing Commission is charged with the responsibility of issuing various types of alcohol licenses, common victualer, innholder, and entertainment licenses, adopting and enforcing rules and regulations pertaining to such licenses as well as local ordinances and laws. The Commission determines the amount of license fees and the hours of operation in accordance with local and state laws.
Additionally, the Commission acts on complaints received from public safety officials, elected officials and the general public relative to alleged violations of its rules and regulations, Massachusetts General Laws and/or local ordinances by food, liquor, or entertainment establishments in the city. Complaints are investigated, and if warranted, a hearing is held. If an establishment is found in violation, sanctions are levied against the establishment that may include a license modification, suspension, revocation, or reduction in hours.

Changes from FY21

There are no changes to this budget from FY21.

FY22 Budget

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