DPW: Electrical

City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

To ensure electrical systems under the Department’s purview, including fire alarm pull boxes, traffic signals,street lighting, publicly displayed information systems (i.e. blue lights, traffic speed message boards, etc.),and the City’s radio system are well maintained, safe, in compliance with all relevant regulations. The Department also responds to constituent requests and concerns including wire safety issues and Dig Safe compliance in a timely, courteous, and safe manner

Changes from FY20

The FY21 budget proposal includes a 2.0% decrease to Personal Services. This is due to changes in salaries for union employees based on collective bargaining agreements. There is currently one vacancy in this division, an Electrician position which has been funded for 75% of the year with an expected start date of 10/1/20. This reduction in position funding is based on expected hire dates and the critical need of these positions in the division.

The FY21 Ordinary Maintenance proposal is projected to increase 35.9%, or $101,000. Electrical Construction in several locations require underground infrastructure to be replaced for roadway public safety and LED lights to be powered, reflecting an increase in budget of $100,000 from FY20.

FY21 Budget Proposal

FY21 Positions Listing