City of Somerville FY22 Budget

Mission Statement

The Parking Department serves resident, business, and visitor parking needs through the work of its three divisions: Administration, Enforcement, and Maintenance. The Department issues over 20 permit types, enforces parking regulations citywide, and maintains the City’s meters and signs. The Department advises and coordinates with every department in the City on all matters related to parking and advises the City’s Traffic Commission in developing rules and regulations. The Parking Department is dedicated to providing accurate, courteous, and efficient customer service to our residents, businesses, and visitors through enhanced technologies, extensive business analysis, and consistently high professional performance.

Personal Services Changes

Personal Services are projected up 3% for FY22.

There are no significant changes to staffing proposed for FY22.

Changes in salaries are due to negotiated collective bargaining agreements and merit increases based on annual performance reviews.

Ordinary Maintenance Changes

Ordinary Maintenance costs are projected up 37% for FY22.

Professional & Technical Services includes an additional $150,000 for Phase 2 of the City's comprehensive parking study.

The FY22 OM budget also includes costs related to a transition to a newer, more modern parking payment system.

FY22 Goals & Measures of Progress

GOAL 1: Leverage new technologies to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service.

  • Upgrade to a web-based permitting and enforcement platform that will provide a dedicated client success representative to support the Parking Department in current and future integrations with meter/kiosks/pay by cell technologies as well as data reporting and newest technology in handheld devices for enforcement and reporting.
  • Expand meter payment options by adding at least two new touchless payment systems.

GOAL 2: Evaluate parking policies and operations to meet current and future constituent needs, as well as Climate Forward mobility priorities.

  • Assess the parking website at least quarterly for ease of navigation and use, as well as to ensure clear, accurate information.
  • Complete Phase One: Parking Data Inventory of the comprehensive parking study in collaboration with OSPCD Mobility Division.
  • Initiate Phase Two: Parking Policy Study of the comprehensive parking study in collaboration with OSPCD Mobility Division.

GOAL 3: Improve accessibility and safety of streets, supporting the City’s Vision Zero goals, through maintenance of signs and enforcement of safety regulations.

  • Utilize QAlert to manage sign maintenance workload, including constituent and internal missing and damaged sign reports, and document sign repair work completed.
  • Install and maintain safety zone signage throughout neighborhoods reducing the speed limit to 20 MPH.

FY22 Budget

Personnel Listing