Infrastructure & Asset Management

City of Somerville FY22 Budget

Mission Statement

The Department of Infrastructure and Asset Management (IAM), through Capital Projects for buildings and Engineering for utilities, and in close collaboration with DPW, OSPCD, and Water & Sewer, develops and implements a comprehensive plan to effectively maintain, modernize, and replace Somerville’s full range of horizontal and vertical infrastructure assets. While IAM seeks to optimize the City’s capital investments through technical evaluation of operations costs against capital improvements, the broader goal of the department is to establish and utilize evaluation criteria, in consultation with virtually every other City department, by which options are rated and projects are prioritized. IAM also seeks to identify and evaluate alternative forms of funding with the objective of minimizing overall costs to taxpayers and water and sewer ratepayers.

Personal Services Changes

Personal Services are projected up 58% for FY22.

Changes in salaries are due to negotiated collective bargaining agreements and merit increases based on annual performance reviews.

The proposed budget includes a new non-union position, Senior Project Manager, which will be responsible for developing and maintaining the department’s asset management program.

The proposed budget includes a transferred union position from DPW, Head Clerk, which will be responsible for clerical and administrative duties while assisting IAM, Capital Projects, and Engineering staff.

Two positions have had their grade reclassified for FY22: Director of IAM and Construction Liaison & Compliance Manager.

Ordinary Maintenance Changes

Ordinary Maintenance costs are projected up 142% for FY22.

An increase to the Rental of Land Space line is due to a department program intended to lease vacant land to be used as lay-down area by contractors on City projects. The intent is to increase bidding competition on construction projects and decrease construction costs by providing a local staging area for contractors, attracting contractors that may not otherwise bid on City projects.

An increase to the Police Detail line is due to expected details on various small projects.

An increase to the Out of State Travel and Out of State Conferences lines is due to reinstating previous allowances to allow staff to attend out of state conferences.

A decrease in the Dues and Membership line and increase in the Reimbursement of Licenses line is due to balancing expected spending on related staff professional development and licensure.

FY22 Goals & Measures of Progress

GOAL 1: Develop a computer-based system for asset management and capital planning that enables IAM to prioritize capital expenditures and maintenance activities using a transparent, data-driven decision making framework.

  • Create a road map for achieving necessary milestones, which include: digitizing record information, standardizing asset data, completing condition assessments, integrating the City’s customer engagement 311 system, developing a work order management system that both provides field crews with asset data and captures the repairs completed into the asset database, and deploying mobile devises to the operational division crews.
  • Collection and centralization of all existing asset data and operational procedures employed by Water & Sewer and DPW.
  • Completion of a gap analysis to determine additional data needs and operational best practices.
  • Development of a framework for both project prioritization and work order management.

FY22 Budget

Personnel Listing