City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

To protect the people and property of our City. The Fire Department is responsive to the needs of our residents by providing rapid, professional, and humanitarian services essential to the health, safety, and well being of the City. We will achieve our mission through prevention, education, fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster response, and defense against terrorist attacks. We strive to provide a work environment that values cultural diversity and is free of harassment and discrimination. We actively participate in our community, serve as role models, and strive to effectively and efficiently utilize all of the resources at our command to provide a quality of service deemed excellent by our residents with “Courage, Integrity, and Honor.”

Changes from FY20

The Personal Services budget for Fire is projected to be 10% higher than FY20. This is due to the collective bargaining agreement that was negotiated in 2019.

Salaries are projected at a 9% increase, this is due to the stipends that are also tied into base pay. Some of these stipends, such as EMT & Education received increases.

There are currently three vacancies within the department, two Firefighters and a Senior Clerk. The Clerk position has been funded at 75% for FY21 with an estimated start date of 10/1/20. The Firefighter positions have been fully funded, as salary lag is typically used to cover potential overtime costs due to vacancies.

The Ordinary Maintenance budget shows a reduction in the software line ($27,000 77%). Software costs for FY21 have been allocated to the IT department budget. We do have an increase in grant match (approximately $24,000) to cover the match of a $260,000 grant we have applied for to increase the number of hazardous materials technicians we have in the department.

FY21 Budget Proposal

Departmental Organization

FY21 Positions Listing