OSPCD: Administration

City of Somerville FY22 Budget

Mission Statement

The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) is committed to making Somerville an even more exceptional place to live, work, play and raise a family by implementing the goals, policies, and actions of the SomerVision comprehensive plan. OSPCD seeks to enhance low and moderate income areas of the City, stimulate economic development, increase job opportunities, create future development opportunities, improve the City’s neighborhoods, expand housing options, preserve and enhance Somerville’s public space and urban forest and improve transportation access, with a focus on Somerville’s long-term economic, environmental, and social quality of life.

Personal Services Changes

Personal Services are projected up 31% for FY22.

This budget proposes a Strategic Planning & Equity Manager position to support the work of the Racial & Social Justice department while natively working within OSPCD.

The Director of Finance & Administration position has been reclassified and retitled for FY22 as Director of Finance & Community Development.

Changes in salaries are due to adjustments to CDBG grant allocations, negotiated collective bargaining agreements and merit increases based on annual performance reviews.

Ordinary Maintenance Changes

Ordinary Maintenance costs are projected up 37% for FY22.

This primarily due to a return to pre-COVID funding levels.

FY22 Goals & Measures of Progress

GOAL 1: Strengthen OSPCD's capacity to foster equitable development and to implement programs and initiatives that address racial and social inequities in the city.

  • Hire and integrate into OSPCD operations a Strategic Planning and Equity Manager who be responsible for coordinating efforts to incorporate fair housing into zoning, supervising outreach and efforts to grow involvement of BIPOC residents in community planning efforts, and implementing a racial and social justice lens to OSPCD initiatives.
  • Incorporate fair housing metrics into the new zoning ordinance.

GOAL 2: Continue to administer and disburse approximately $3.5M in supplemental CARES act funding across the CDBG and ESG programs addressing Covid-19 related hardships in the area's of rental assistance, food security, workforce training, remote learning transitions, and other pandemic driven impacts.

  • Complete and close out existing contracts with our network of 16 local non-profits across 19 CARES Act contracts.

GOAL 3: Continue to promote and support the number and diversity of projects funded through the Community Preservation Act.

  • Increase applications received by 10%.

FY22 Budget

Personnel Listing