Kennedy Pool

Enterprise Fund

City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Changes from FY20

The Kennedy Pool is an Enterprise Fund created in FY20 to serve as a cost center for the activities of the public pool located at the Kennedy School. The Parks & Recreation Department began managing the facility during FY19.

Revenues are projected to remain at $100,000 for FY21. Due to reductions in Ordinary Maintenance expenditures, the Kennedy Pool Enterprise's General Fund subsidy is projected at $460,628, down 34% from FY20.

Personal Services are budgeted flat at FY20 levels. We do not anticipate major disruptions to operating hours at the pool in FY21.

Ordinary Maintenance costs are proposed at a 51% reduction from FY20. This is primarily due to a $225,000 reduction in the Professional & Technical Services line, which included significant one-time repairs in the FY20 budget. Other cost savings include $10,000 combined reductions in supplies lines as well as a $10,000 reduction in Insurance Premiums as the the pool's insurance will be rolled in to the City's plan. These savings are offset by a $10,000 increase in the Building Rental line.

FY21 Budget Proposal