DPW: Fleet Management

City of Somerville FY22 Budget

Core Function

The Fleet Division is responsible for service and maintenance of all City owned vehicles which support city-wide functions for public works, emergency response, fire & safety including snow removal equipment, including the responsibility for the maintenance and service of the fuel management system.

Changes for FY22

The fleet budget reflects a 1.7% decrease. This proposal attempts to right-size several lines including R&M Vehicles, R&M Tools and Equipment, Software Services, and Tires and Tubes. These reductions are partially offset by an increase to the line for Motor Parts and Accessories.

FY22 Goals & Measures of Progress

Goal 1: Increase mobility for all sidewalk and road users by Installing speed limiters in all DPW vehicles to help prevent motor vehicle crashes caused by speed.

  • Number of installations of speed limiters.

Goal 2: Implement a web-based fuel management system.

  • System installed by Sept 1, 2021.

Goal 3: Continue to support acquisition of departmental vehicle purchases by providing guidance on the purchase of safe, sustainable vehicles.

  • Number of hybrid and/or electric vehicles purchased.

FY22 Budget