IAM: Capital Projects & Project Management

City of Somerville FY21 Budget

Mission Statement

To oversee the construction, reconstruction, renovation, and preventive maintenance of all City-owned buildings which currently consist of 32 facilities and approximately 1.9 million square feet. In all of its work, the Capital Projects Department strives to be efficient and responsive to community needs, to enhance sustainable design and energy efficiency, and to improve safety and accessibility for all users.

Changes from FY20

None of the Capital Projects staff are part of collective bargaining; therefore, there are no salary adjustments for current positions.

For the reasons discussed below, a new position is proposed for the Capital Projects Division, a Green Building Manager for the new Somerville High School. It is important to bring this position on while the building is being commissioned; therefore, we propose posting the position immediately, and allowing 6 weeks to fill. Accounting for the reorganization of the Project Assistant position discussed above, there is a net increase to the Capital Project PS line.

While the City did not elect to pursue LEED certification, the new Somerville High School will incorporate advanced building systems, particularly for heating and cooling, and will be the most technologically advanced building in the City when it opens this fall. As is the case with similar sustainable buildings, operations and maintenance will be substantially more complex for the High School than for any of our other buildings, requiring not only knowledge of the mechanical systems, but also how occupant behaviors impact those systems. To protect the City’s investment and ensure proper functioning of the energy-efficient systems, Capital Projects requests the addition of a Green Building Manager to oversee maintenance contracts, correctly respond to 311 requests, and generate work plans for DPW’s routine operations and custodial activities.

Due to projected COVID-related budget constraints, the allowance for Building Improvements is being removed from Capital Projects FY21 budget resulting in a reduction in Capital Outlay.

FY21 Budget Proposal

Departmental Organization

FY21 Positions Listing