FY2024 Workforce Plan Budget

I am pleased to present the workforce budget for fiscal year 2024 for Smith County Emergency Services District #2.


For FY2024, we are requesting an additional 18 full time personnel to staff Bullard, Chapel Hill and Troup between the hours of 7 am – 7 pm. We have budgeted for 146 full time employees, the 18 full time personnel would hit the FY2024 budget, November 2023. The 146 full-time employees also reflects the increase of 38 employees that has gradually taken place since the beginning of FY2023, principally reflecting the recruitment of additional full-time emergency responders over the past nine months.


The total workforce budget of $13,509.836 reflects the newly adopted fire operations pay scale and the recently adopted 5% COLA for all employees.


The newly adopted enhancements to the TCDRS retirement plan are incorporated in the “Retirement” line item budgeted at $821,329. This includes the increased employer match from 125% to 175%, the vesting change from 8 years to 5 years, and the ability to retire at 20 years instead of 30 years, no matter the age.


Due to the rise in claims in FY2023, we have budgeted for a 40% increase in medical insurance premiums and a 4% increase in dental insurance premiums, resulting in total budgeted health insurance premiums of $1,398,493 for FY2024. We have recently contracted with Brinson Benefits to review our plans for the new budget year to help mitigate the increase by shopping for new plans and providers. We anticipate bringing these increases down to a more manageable increase in the upcoming months.


Sherri Hernandez

H.R. Director