Numbers at a Glance: July 2023

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Total Circulation by Format - FY 23/24

Main Library Circulation by Format

Circulation by Audience:

  • Adult: 34,140
  • Young Adult: 1,861
  • Youth: 44,195
  • Digital: 13,682
  • Streaming: 2,500

Holds Filled for Main Library: 6,449

Drive-Up Window Circulation by Format

Circulation by Audience:

  • Adult: 2,342
  • Young Adult: 145
  • Youth: 888

Holds Filled for Drive-Up Window: 1,946

Digital & Streaming Circulation by Format

Digital & Streaming Circulation by Service


Total Collection by Format - FY 23/24

Adult Collections

Young Adult Collections

Youth Collections

Services by Request

New Materials, Purchase Requests, and More!

We provide materials for patrons as fast as we can!

If an item fits our collection guidelines, we will order items for patrons based upon requests. This month, 60 items were ordered to fill patron requests! Also, 2,375 total items were ordered in July. 55 items were ordered as part of our Patron Driven Acquisitions program.

Book Club Service & Interlibrary Loan

Our Book Club Service makes it easy to select titles and run book club discussions. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. You provide the Book Club – we’ll do the rest! Click HERE for more information about our Book Club Service!

We provided 411 items for 41 community book clubs this month. The program continues to grow as we added three new club this month!

Interlibrary Loan is the ability to get our patrons materials that are not available at our library or within the SWAN consortium. This month, we received the following items for patrons:

  • 121 items were borrowed for our patrons
  • 95 items were lent to libraries around the country


Adult General Programs

Book Discussion: 2nd Tuesday Book Discussion groups read Born to be Hanged: The Epic Story of the Gentleman Pirates Who Raided the South Seas, Rescued a Princess, and Stole a Fortune by Keith Thomson

Click HERE to learn more about our Book Discussion Groups.

Young Adult General Programs

The SCPLD YouTube Channel has 40,569 lifetime views as of July 2023

Youth General Programs

This month, Youth Services issued 53 museum passes.

Click HERE for more information about museum passes and discounts available through our library.

Barbie: The History of America's Most Famous Doll

Historian Leslie Goddard shared the history of Barbie and her inventor, the passionately creative -- and intensely competitive -- Ruth Handler.

We learned what inspired Handler to develop Barbie in 1959, how Barbie helped make Mattel one of the world's most successful toy companies, and what Barbie's impact has been on American culture.

The program was scheduled to coincide with the release of the extremely popular Barbie movie.

Adult Outreach Programs

This month, the Adult Outreach team delivered 2,118 non-circulating and 896 circulating items to patrons and facilities in our community. Also, 20 circulating items were mailed out.

Youth Outreach Programs

This month, Youth Services selected 37 items to support classrooms for 2 teacher in the St. Charles community. Teachers in our area can request library materials and learn more about our teacher outreach HERE.

Summer Reading!

Summer Reading came to an end on Saturday, July 29. In Youth Services, we had amazing participation.

• 2,065 registrants

• 1,073 reached 500 minutes

• 712 reached 1,000 minutes

• 1,629,802 total minutes read

The Summer Reading Wrap Up Party was held on Friday, July 28. Staff put many dedicated hours into the event planning and execution. The day of the party staff worked tirelessly to serve the 400 community members who attended this amazing event. The rain started as clean up was happening!

Patron Interactions

Wi-Fi Data Served this month: 2.41 TB

Door Count: 26,636 Visitors this Month

IT Services


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