Numbers at a Glance: June 2023

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Total Circulation by Format - FY 22/23

Main Library Circulation by Format

Circulation by Audience:

  • Adult: 32,755
  • Young Adult: 1,768
  • Youth: 41,997
  • Digital: 12,952
  • Streaming: 3,009

Holds Filled for Main Library: 6,475

Drive-Up Window Circulation by Format

Circulation by Audience:

  • Adult: 2,370
  • Young Adult: 132
  • Youth: 904

Holds Filled for Drive-Up Window: 1,938

Digital & Streaming Circulation by Format

Digital & Streaming Circulation by Service


Total Collection by Format - FY 22/23

Adult Collections

Young Adult Collections

Youth Collections

Services by Request

New Materials, Purchase Requests, and More!

We provide materials for patrons as fast as we can!

If an item fits our collection guidelines, we will order items for patrons based upon requests. This month, 90 items were ordered to fill patron requests! Also, 1,644 total items were ordered in June. 28 items were ordered as part of our Patron Driven Acquisitions program.

Book Club Service & Interlibrary Loan

Our Book Club Service makes it easy to select titles and run book club discussions. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. You provide the Book Club – we’ll do the rest! Click HERE for more information about our Book Club Service!

We provided 507 items for 50 community book clubs this month. The program continues to grow as we added one new club this month!

Interlibrary Loan is the ability to get our patrons materials that are not available at our library or within the SWAN consortium. This month, we received the following items for patrons:

  • 206 items were borrowed for our patrons
  • 105 items were lent to libraries around the country


Adult General Programs

Book Discussion: 2nd Tuesday Book Discussion groups read Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Click HERE to learn more about our Book Discussion Groups.

Young Adult General Programs

The SCPLD YouTube Channel has 39,313 lifetime views as of June 2023

Youth General Programs

This month, Youth Services issued 40 museum passes.

Click HERE for more information about museum passes and discounts available through our library.

D-Day Program

Seventy-nine years ago, the Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, which was the largest amphibious landing in military history. U.S. Foreign Policy expert Gary Midkiff discussed the historical event and the differences between the decision-making processes of Dwight Eisenhower and Adolf Hitler.

This program was so popular we added a second session to accommodate those interested in attending.

During both sessions, Gary recognized the military veterans who were in attendance.

Adult Outreach Programs

This month, the Adult Outreach team delivered 2,405 non-circulating and 997 circulating items to patrons and facilities in our community. Also, 7 circulating items were mailed out.

Youth Outreach Programs

This month, Youth Services selected 20 items to support classrooms for 1 teacher in the St. Charles community. Teachers in our area can request library materials and learn more about our teacher outreach HERE.

Summer Reading

Children of St. Charles are enjoying Summer Reading! We have had great turnout so far this summer.

1,927 total participants registered

  • 866 registered during the month of June

766,911 total minutes logged

Another way we are visually tracking our community’s progress through the program is with a collective volume bar that we update weekly with how many minutes have been read. Here is what it looks like at the end of June

Patron Interactions

Wi-Fi Data Served this month: 2.58 TB

Door Count: 28,805 Visitors this Month

IT Services


Top 5 Webpages on

Total Website Hits

*There are no stats for November 2022 as we transitioned to our new website!