Provide information services, reading materials, and educational resources to residents of all ages from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria.

About the Library

The Library Department connects residents of Santa Barbara with a broad range of resources to support their educational goals as well as to provide materials for leisure reading and cultural enrichment.

In addition to providing free access to physical and digital materials for information and entertainment, the Library provides computer and internet access at Library locations and through technology available for checkout. Library programming offers opportunities for people of all ages, including early literacy classes, science, technology, and maker classes, career resources, and college readiness classes for teens; one-on-one support for business owners, job-seekers, and those pursuing citizenship; tech classes for seniors; and a broad selection between. The Library celebrates local Santa Barbara history, supports the local community of artists, writers, and creators, and facilitates opportunities for local residents to connect with other community organizations.

Santa Barbara library staff work to serve all community members, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, and the most vulnerable in our communities, offering services and educational resources to help transform communities, open minds, and promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and justice.

The Central and Eastside libraries serve the residents of Santa Barbara, while the Carpinteria and Montecito branch libraries are owned and funded by the County of Santa Barbara and administered under an agreement with the City. Coordination and administration of the network of libraries allows for the sharing of resources.

The Library Department is budgeted in the General Fund and the County Library Fund.

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