Water Supply Management

Provide an adequate supply of water by implementing the Long-Term Water Supply Program, which includes a cost-effective water conservation element and a diverse portfolio of supplies.


Implement the Enhanced Urban Water Management Plan.

Advise on optimal use of the City's diverse sources of water supplies.

Provide information on the City’s water supplies and water conservation efforts via the City’s web site.

Manage a cost-effective customer-response based water conservation program that meets federal and state requirements.

Maintain and protect surface water supplies from the Santa Ynez River.

Support member agency activities of the Cachuma Operation and Maintenance Board (COMB), the Cachuma Conservation Release Board (CCRB), and the Central Coast Water Authority (CCWA). Keep Water Commission and City Council liaison briefed on activities of COMB, CCRB, and CCWA.

Sustainably manage local groundwater basins for water supply purposes, including ongoing monitoring of water levels and water quality.

Evaluate opportunities to increase recycled water use, including non-potable reuse and potable reuse.

Manage monthly records of the amount of water produced from each source and the City’s surface water diversions in compliance with State requirements, and prepare monthly reports in accordance with the Upper Santa Ynez River

Operations Agreement.

Update the variable operating cost of each water source for supply planning purposes.

Support water financial planning and implement water rates and capacity charges.

Provide development review for conformance with individual metering and Landscape Design Standards for Water Conservation requirements.

Implement recommendations of multi-year Water Conservation Marketing Plan


Present the annual Water Supply Management Report for the previous year to Council for adoption by January 31, 2023.

Participate in Bureau of Reclamation technical and negotiation sessions for a new Cachuma Project Master Water Service Contract and support associated environmental review.

Participate in the development of new State water conservation standards initiated by AB 1668 and SB 606 through task force meetings, pilot studies, and written comments.

Participate in the beta phase and full deployment of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation project with special focus on integration of the Customer Engagement Platform.

Submit a level one validated water loss audit to the Department of Water Resources by December 31, 2022.

Review results of recycled water market assessment and updated cost/benefit analysis to identify potential new recycled water users to maximize the use of the City’s available recycled water.

Work with the United States Geological Society (USGS) to initiate new sustainable groundwater basin yield and groundwater drought storage estimates.


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