Police & Crime Data

The San Rafael Police Department helps keep our community safe.

San Rafael Police Department

The San Rafael Police Department is engaged with our community to provide professional, fair, compassionate and dedicated law enforcement with integrity and respect.

You can click on the charts on this page and drill down into monthly numbers for various crime types.

You can also view crime activity and sign-up from alerts from the Police Department's Crime Activity Map.


Our dispatchers help you all day every day handling emergencies you can't. It's not uncommon for them to field well over 3,000 calls per month. Click on the charts above to drill down and see monthly data on both calls from the public and officer initiated contacts over time.

Dispatcher Kathy Cronin, pictured to the right, has been serving the San Rafael community since... 1976!! With over 40 years of experience, Kathy has been a dispatcher, dispatch supervisor and now assists as a part-time dispatcher.

Dispatcher Kathy Cronin