Budget in Brief Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Operating Budget Mid-Cycle Update

General Fund

Discover the powerhouse behind your city's financial prosperity: the General Fund. It's the backbone of the majority of the City’s budget, responsible for gathering essential revenue sources like Taxes, Licenses & Permits, and Charges for Services and reinvesting it into the City to fuel its progress, elevate the City's infrastructure, and provide a great quality of life. But that's not all! The General Fund breathes life into crucial services that enhance the community's well-being, including Public Safety, Community Development, Public Works, Park and Recreation, and General Government. This financial powerhouse is dedicated to supporting essential programs, services, and capital projects that directly impact your everyday experiences.

Here's the exciting news: In the upcoming FY 2023-24, our City's General Fund is projected to boast an impressive $7.5 million surplus. Just imagine the possibilities! This signifies a surplus in funds that can be reinvested back into the heart of your city, fueling growth, improvement, and an even brighter future.

General Fund Revenues

The City's revenue projections are not just any ordinary figures; they are rooted in conservative estimates, ensuring a solid and reliable financial future for your city. In FY 2023-24 alone, the projected revenue is anticipated to be a staggering $208.3 million! That's an impressive 7.3% increase compared to the previously proposed budget and a remarkable 8.8% surge from the FY 2022-23 adopted budget. How is such extraordinary growth possible, you may ask? The answer lies in the robust performance of sales tax revenue, which is anticipated to reach a remarkable $58 million. And that's not all! An additional $9 million is projected from other taxes, all contributing to the remarkable growth in the General Fund revenues.

Feeling enticed to explore these numbers further? Hover over the pie chart below, click on any of the segments of the chart, and explore how your City's financial landscape is set to flourish!

General Fund Expenses

The City's General Fund Expenses are projected in the upcoming FY 2023-24 to be approximately $200.7 million. That's an impressive 4.4% increase compared to the previously proposed budget and a remarkable 6.6% increase from the FY 2022-23 adopted budget. This investment is a testament to the City's unwavering commitment to creating a vibrant and prosperous community for all its residents and providing essential services to its community.

Other Fund Revenues

These funds encompass a range of departments, with the exception of Animal Services, and primarily consist of Internal Service Funds or Departments. These Internal Service Funds play a vital role in supporting the General Fund through internal service charges. But what exactly does that mean? Internal Service Charges are like the financial lifeline flowing through each General Fund department. They ensure that the necessary revenue reaches the Internal Service Funds and the departments funded through them, allowing them to operate efficiently and provide essential services to the entire city.

Animal Services is a department that operates slightly differently. While it stands as its own entity, it doesn't generate enough revenue to sustain itself entirely. As a result, its expenditures are recorded separately from the General Fund. The impact it has on the General Fund lies in the transfer required to support its day-to-day operations, showcasing the city's commitment to animal welfare.

In FY 2023-24, the projected revenue is anticipated to be $34 million. That's an increase of approximately 18.1% compared to the previously proposed budget and a 15.3% increase from the FY 2022-23 adopted budget.

Other Fund Expenses

Other Fund expenses reflect a 12.2% increase compared to the original FY 2023-24 adopted budget. What's behind this growth? An increase in personnel within Animal Services and IT departments accounts for a significant 20.8% rise. Additionally, with the anticipation of covering high-than-anticipated litigation costs, the Liability Insurance Fund contributes to a notable 27.8% increase in the Other Fund.

The City's projected Other Fund expenses stand at a substantial $32.8 million. This represents the investment made to ensure seamless operations and necessary support for the services provided by these departments.

Authorized Full-Time Positions

Welcome to the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) world, where the City's commitment to enhancing essential infrastructure and quality-of-life projects takes center stage. This program, adopted for FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24, showcases the City of San Bernardino's dedication to investing in its community. These funds are carefully earmarked to improve and transform the city's infrastructure, ensuring a better quality of life for its residents. From revitalizing roads and bridges to creating community spaces and amenities, the CIP is the driving force behind the positive changes taking place in San Bernardino.

In FY 2023, a substantial $61.2 million had been designated for the CIP, and during the fiscal year, the City allocated an additional $13.6 million for brand new CIP projects! This demonstrates the City's unwavering commitment to progress and development. In FY 2024, the CIP investment is currently set to be $9.1 million for projects.

Community Profile

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Charles McNeely - Interim City Manager

Edelia Eveland - Assistant City Manager

Barbara Whitehorn - Agency Director of Administrative Services

Zuyva Ruiz - Budget Manager

William Jeong - Senior Budget Analyst

Gloria Rubio - Budget Analyst

Guillermo Canjura III - Finance Intern